Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Welcome to Chris' Car Blog.

I am Chris Pickering and for most of my life I have had a complete addiction to all things with wheels – two, four or any other multiple of them. Out of all these it is the combination of four wheels and an engine that excites me the most. I'm not entirely sure I can say why – the thrill of driving, the adventures it can lead to and a fascination with the technology behind it all contribute. One thing is for sure; I'm hooked.

I began my motoring life at the dawn of the 21st century with a Quantum 2+2 kit car (pictured above) and progressed through various sportscars and hot hatches before arriving at the current combination of a TVR S3 and Citroen Saxo. You may laugh, but the latter has provided me with as much fun as some of the more exotic cars I've owned and it proves infinitely better for loading a pair of mountain bikes or a weekends worth of camping gear in the back. In the following posts I aim to share some of my motoring experiences, along with some stories from further afield.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and please check back regularly for updates!


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