Sunday, December 27, 2009

electric cars

Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story is a Canadian dramatic film based on the very real teenager, Simon Jackson, who fought the lumber interests of his Canadian province to preserve the Komode, or Spirit, Bear. Jackson’s one-man campaign became a phenomena in Canada and led to his starting the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. It’s a fine example of how the individual can make a difference. Veteran actor Ed Begley Jr., who plays the hard-nosed lumber baron is a lifetime environmental activist and public speaker. With Mark Rendall as Simon and also starring Native American actor Graham Green and Ed Begley Jr.

rest-in-peace-gms-ev1-electric-car1 Who Killed the Electric Car? Answers that question with vehemence—and a modicum of humor. But director Chris Paine is clear whose side he’s on when it comes to the wholesale trashing of the beloved Ev1 all electric car made by GM. It’s not a pretty story.

Flip Flotsam is a short and sweet documentary film. This beautifully photographed, charming documentary traces the fantastic journey of Africa’s most popular shoes: the flip-flop. Easily bought, quickly discarded, for Westerners the flip-flop stands as a symbol of the summer holiday. But in its African homeland, it has a unique life cycle and their story reveals much about Africa’s economy and culture. Gathered from across the shores of the Kiwaiyu Island, flip-flops are carved into dolphins, turtles and mobiles, fueling a new cottage industry which provides precious income for many families. Their children craft model boats from the rubber soles, making their own toys from the ocean’s debris.

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