Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chevrolet Car Gallery

Here is how Chevrolet changed the styling of the 1959 Chevy. The dual headlights, which in 1958 were mounted above the front grille and bumper, have been lowered quite a few inches and were placed at either end of the grille. Above the grille are narrow slits that look like air intakes, but are directional lights that have been tucked into the outside corners of these slits. One outstanding feature is the enormous area of glass, front and rear. The windshield curves way up and into the roof and provides tremendous visibility.

Out back the 1959 Chevy has a spread wing treatment and cat's eye taillights. The rear license plate swivels down to reveal the gas tank filler cap.
Chevrolet old
Chevrolet view
Chevrolet front

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