Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life Through A Lens

Ok, firstly, I have to concede the title is a tiny bit of an overstatement. This isn’t so much a lifetime as a lunch hour - possibly more like forty five minutes in fact. It is, however, the first published testament to my time at MSN Cars this week.

Behind the scenes I’ve been busily re-classifying road tests, but yesterday lunchtime I also got a chance to take a trip out with content editor Ian Dickson and his Mercedes C220 CDI test car.

My job was to get a few snaps for the blog report, and that’s exactly what we set about doing on the streets around St James’ Park and Buckingham palace.

After a brief chat with a policeman we found out that you’re not actually supposed to stop in front of her majesty’s front yard. While he seemed friendly, he was also rather heavily armed, so we thought it wise to move on.

You can see some of the results here:!9147D27F85A04C56!2677.entry

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