Monday, March 30, 2009

Wash tosh

I've never really got into the London thing, so in my naivety I try and be nice to my neighbours. Living in a sort of housing development you'd expect it to be quite close-knit, but apparently not.

Our closest neighbours seem to spend their entire weekends washing their cars. Unusually, yesterday I decided to do the same, but seems we have no downstairs water supply, and in an attempt to strike up a bit of a conversation, I went over to see if I could maybe fill a bucket up from the hose he had.

The guy looked at me like I'd asked to deflower his firstborn daughter. 'Ok...' I thought.

After lugging bucket after bucket down the stairs I set to washing the TVR, quitely minding my own business. I caught bits of the conversation between my dear neighbour and his Audi-washing mate where one was saying to the other, "I think we're supposed to be jealous that he has a sports car".

How twisted to you have to be to assume someone washing their car is intended to provoke a reaction? It was the first time I'd washed it in about three months and there was no attempt to parade it around - I just parked up after my morning hoon and set to it.

So, I've learnt my lesson now. Don't try and be nice to the natives, they don't appreciate it.

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