Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brown announces new 'road police'

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today announced plans for a dedicated wing of the security service aimed at clamping down on traffic violations. Due to come into power on April 1st 2010, the State Transport And Speeding Intelligence (STASI) service will address issues such as speeding fines and road tax enforcement. They are also expected to man a nation-wide network of cameras and vehicle-mounted tracking devices giving total coverage of every vehicle on UK roads.

In a press conference earlier Mr Brown commented: “This brings our roads a step closer to the glorious peoples’ democracy that we have always envisaged. We hope our freedom-loving drivers will respond positively to this step and we will be providing re-education centres for those who abuse the roads of the mother land for fun and frivolity.”

A spokesman from the opposition party was unable to comment after he mysteriously disappeared in the early hours of this morning.

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