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Audi A1 car in 2011

Audi A1 2011 - used car values

Audi A1 2011 - used car values

Audi introduced a new dimension to the compact class with the new Audi A1. It’s dynamic, high quality, and emotional individuals. This condenses all the good signs less than four feet – a full character design, uncompromising quality and efficiency of technology. The agile chassis and powerful engine than the sportiest Audi A1 car in the segment.

Audi A1 young customers who live in big cities, so they are looking for a vehicle designed for urban environments. Thanks to its compact dimensions, very agile and nimble in city traffic and offers a high level of daily use.

Audi A1 2011 - Art Design

Audi A1 2011 - Art Design

Audi A1 2011 - Body Design

Audi A1 2011 - Body Design

Audi A1 2011 - Elegant Design

Audi A1 2011 - Elegant Design

Audi A1 interior is also sporty and high quality. Customers can customize many details to adapt the car to your personal taste. Audi’s latest model has a broad portfolio of advanced technologies on board, information and entertainment systems set a new standard in the segment. Audi A1 is the first compact-class car at a small premium – a genuine, full fledged Audi.

The Audi brand represents the passion car. With agile chassis and powerful engine, the Audi A1 is the sportiest car in its class, and it is clear at first sight. Design is a unique and modern. Style guide in placing the family Audi Audi A1 sideline with a distinctive roof line, a coupe-like C-pillar, big wheel wells and, of course, the front grille with a distinctive one frame. The hood and tailgate covers the body, tail lights printed in three dimensions and presents a different design, by day or night.

Extensive interior and dynamic

Interior Audi A1 a broad and well lit. Instrument panel is suggestive of aircraft wings, the four round air vents reminiscent of a jet turbine. Ergonomics is clear and uncompromising high fit and finish represent the highest standards of the Audi brand. Many details in the paper, lovingly designed interior of the premium character of the Audi A1.

In addition to the attractions and finishing Ambition line, Audi also offers a stylish package infotainment media and focus on interior design. The materials highlight innovative and modern character of the Audi A1 color. If the color of air nozzles, LED interior lights on a chair or blanket expressive colors – customization is an important topic. This program offers many opportunities for the team in accordance with the Audi A1 to drive their own personal style. In fact there are various paint finish to choose from for the arch roof. Customers can order many of these features after the initial sale to follow trends or fashion.

Information and entertainment are available, and multimedia systems are available from directly from the luxury class. The top of the line MMI Navigation plus, a media center that set new standards in the compact segment. Because the monitor is rising out of the instrument panel to the MMI control unit is oriented to follow the logic of the system on Audi models in the segment above. Based on the radio show, connectivity package offers the possibility of adaptation of a map-based Audi navigation system – an innovation in the automotive sector. The 465-watt Bose surround sound system is just one example of the additional modules are available.

Concentrates driving pleasure: the sportiest car in its class

Sporty, agile chassis of the Audi A1 where the head of his class. Whether in town on interurban roads or on the road – Audi A1 is fun to drive anywhere thanks to sports facilities, optimized weight distribution and very direct. Standard ESP stabilization system with electronic axle differential lock to make the handling of the Audi A1 even more sporty and precise, while driving is more improved safety.

Audi’s new A1 also establishes new efficiency standards. Audi’s new models deliver a line in a fight with four four-cylinder engines with both TDI and two petrol engines TFSI produces between 63 kW (86 hp) and 90 kW (122 hp). All engines follow the downsizing principle – turbocharged to replace the movement and attract direct fuel injection unit.

All versions of the Audi A1 impression with the fuel economy is good, with a normal cycle values between 3.8 and 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers (43,56-61,90 miles per U.S. gallon) (interim value). 1.6 TDI with 66 kW (90 hp) with manual transmission emits just 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer (159.33 g / mile). All machines are equipped with recovery system that allows them to recover energy during braking, and combined with automated systems began to stop. A new management system to pump water temperature contributed switch low fuel consumption of 1.2 TFSI.

High technology and efficiency: the seven-speed S tronic

At Audi, the efficiency is always high technology. Audi A1 is available with seven-speed S tronic transmission. Changes dual clutch transmission equipment very quickly, comfortably and without interruption detected in tensile strength. It offers two automatic and manual modes, with a lever on the steering wheel available as an option. Providing great driving pleasure and also further reduce fuel consumption – typically Audi.

Audi A1 sporty, strong and attractive. As a newcomer to the segment of compact, attractive to the modern client groups – young, urban, lifestyle-oriented public. Customers of the Audi A1 – many of whom are expected of women – are interested in design, music, fashion and sports. Entry model will cost around € 16,000.


Having a position of trust with the road – a strong, special characters: Audi A1 less option premiums and the athlete in his class. A pronounced shoulder line that includes color contrast of the archway and C is very strong tendency to the three pillars of the door a unique silhouette. Dimension is also a dynamic document line: 3.95 meters (12.96 feet) long, the latest Audi models are impressive 1.74 meters (5.71 meters) wide but only 1.42 meters (4.66 feet) high. The wheelbase measures 2.47 meters (8.10 meters), the same roof short.

Design Audi A1 is perfectly integrated into the language and unique brand in compact segment – emotional, courageous and progressive. Audi has a reputation for having lots of ideas and innovations from concept car into mass production, and the Audi A1 continue this tradition. Many features and innovative ideas from the year 2007 the Audi A1 project quattro already showcar has made mass production in the Audi A1.

Front bears a clear family resemblance, but the accent unique features and innovations in the details. The single frame grille, for instance, is integrated into the front and with the upper corner represents a new stage of evolution. The key horizontally arranged to emphasize the wide front. Large plastic model of air aspiration with a horizontal bar also contribute to the sporty image of the Audi A1. Fog lights on their outer corners.

Three-dimensional light force also has a special view. Audi A1 is determined and focused on the road. A strong curved wing structure in the light. As with all Audis, the light in the daytime running is standard. With the optional xenon plus units, lights daytime running lights are implemented using LED and guidance. They appear as a homogeneous band of the fixed wing.

Strong design elements: line of tornadoes

The most striking impression when viewed from the side is a line, then a little above the line, which visually expand and accelerate the Audi A1. Edge of the hood extends below the side windows in the rear. As with the Audi TT sports car, the point where the hood meets the fender to cover the origin of the typical Audi design elements – lines of a tornado. Kept in the back door. Line runs from near and just above the wheel wells, giving the Audi A1 road strong attitude.

Edge of the shadow line under strong tornadoes, strong curved metal plate on the surface of the wing and increased dynamic line above the sill is also characteristic of the brand design language. The same thing applies to the wheel wells so expressive, offering protection to the wheel size to 18 inches, and the ratio of area of metal sheets for greenhouses, which are two-thirds to one third. Side mirror mounted on the doors like a sports car, obviously arched door handles.

Another feature of the Audi sport arch ceiling that flows, which optionally available in one of four color contrast. Arc flows in the C-pillars are flatter than a coupe, rear provides a dynamic schemes highlighted in the roof spoiler.

When viewed from the rear, a boot that covers the wide hatched highlight – a unique new features for the compact class. Typical shape hole. The wedge-shaped tail lights single piece of plastic is also highlighted amplitude and integrated into the design. In combination with more than xenon, rear lights use LED technology. Because you can not see when the boot hatch is open, the Audi A1 have other LED lights in the pelvis. This solution is another example of attention to detail and enthusiasm for technology, Audi engineers.

Red sporty rear lights have a frame with a curved separator bar their cameras. Equipped with the optional Audi diodes emit light and the light guide – the tail light then appeared as a continuous strip. Black sports broadcaster in the skirt as the bottom of the rear of the vehicle and visually placed firmly on the road. Depending on the engine, exhaust system ending in one or two tailpipes on the left side.

Audi offers the Audi A1 in ten exterior colors. Who finished a solid Amalfi Cumulus White Blue and Brilliant Black, metallic colors Ice Silver, Black Phantom, Teak Brown, Red Shiraz, Diving Blue, Misano Red and Blue Sphere.


Audi axiom also applies to the Audi A1: Agency providing quality foundation, for the proper handling, sportsmanship and safety. Two-thirds of the body consists of high and ultra high strength steel of different strength classes.

The strongest of these steels in the form of heat. The blanks are heated in a fire at extreme temperatures directly in the form of water-cooled die pressing. This rapid temperature changes confer resistance to extreme stress. Hot steel in a good way to make 11 percent of the body. They are used to lower the bar in the footwell, in the end of the stringers, in the B-pillar and roof frame – either extreme resistance combined with low weight is very important.

High and ultra high strength steel is an important factor for high torsional rigidity and reduce weight only 221 kilograms (487.22 pounds). Both the values and dimensions used to calculate the high-quality light from the superstructure, while also providing the basis for the inhabitants of the high level of protection.

Audi A1 comes with dual front airbags, side airbags in the backrests of the front seat and two curtain airbags for the head. Belt tensioners and force limiters, plus lap belt Audi comprehensive system to support the package head restraints. ISOFIX child seat anchorages on the rear is standard. Belt buckle sensor on all the seats are another security feature increased. And when it comes to pedestrian protection, the Audi A1 is also equipped with advanced technology.

Low-speed collisions – hit the lights in the parking lot and the so-called clash of typical statement is so important to the insurance rating – did not cause major damage. Bumper design, a bar behind them and the uprights to protect cost-intensive components such as radiators and air conditioning.

Optimized aerodynamics: front skirt, rear wing to

0.32 with the drag coefficient for the base model, the latest Audi is one of the most aerodynamic car in its class. This is the result of extensive fine tuning in the wind tunnel center in Ingolstadt. The whole body has been optimized – the rear wing, including the edge of the wing, and wheels down. Low aerodynamic covering most of the low, protecting and creating favorable aerodynamic air flow.

The corners and the other edge of the skirt has a sophisticated design that not only lost the drag coefficient, but also improves driving stability at high speed. The area around the grill completely closed so that air reaches the radiator fill the river with almost no losses than to be turbulent. Even subtlety, as the flow of air through the engine compartment has been optimized to the smallest detail in connection with thermo-and aerodynamic.

Another strength is the acoustic. Audi development engineers devote enough attention to the sound radiation from large groups of sheet metal and stiffness. All the areas where troops were induced during driving especially strengthened. A lightweight package with acoustic insulation to the level of the premium cabin.

Audi A1 will be built at the Audi factory in Brussels. Audi has invested more than $ 100 million in modernizing the plant to fully meet the strict quality standards.


Sportiness, precision and freshness of youth – this theme interior features Audi A1. Apparently the designers of aircraft wings to inspiration for the elegant curved instrument panel. Fourth round, was out of air nozzles which reminds us of a jet turbine.

Center console with integrated belt secondary switches, like the stern of the ship, and seems to float above the center tunnel. Control unit climate control system and three-cylinder rotary speed optional automatic climate control system will bring a touch of optical and other ships Audi A1. Instrument panel is also home to the main unit to control the radio or the optional MMI infotainment system. Screen, which is standard with a radio show or higher, you drop the instrument panel and extends to the top by pressing a button. This installation position, ideal for quick reading, is a unique selling point in this class of vehicle.

Design toolkit chronograph with big clock – black faces, red and white needle scale and number – set a clear and elegant. As always with Audi, which operates through the steering column rod is perfectly logical and ergonomic. At night, these instruments are illuminated in white, Red Buttons.

With LED lights in the package, the Audi A1 provide 100 percent LED technology for interior premium compact class for the first time. Not only the lighting in the doors and roof modules made with LED technology, as well as the interior lights, reading lamps, leg lamp and light makeup.

Another highlight of this design is made with the help of technology, LED light guide. If desired, the white crown illuminated indirectly from the contour panel Bose speakers emphasized the visual character of the high-tech sound system.

Optional driver information display combine instruments. Like the larger models from Audi, the system can be controlled using the buttons, switches and rocker switches on the optional multifunction steering roller direction.

Packaging systems and audio information source optional navigation system. The modern concept of tabs on the screen and freely programmable favorite buttons easy and intuitive operation. Information system for the driver is black and comes standard with the MMI navigation above.

Useful: a computer program integrated with the efficiency

The onboard computer with the program efficiency associated with driver information systems. Sample data for fuel consumption and make recommendations for efficient driving. An enlarged view of the gearshift indicator signals the driver when he had to shift gears. Another function that provides consumer information on the ship, including climate control system or a rear window defroster, are active and how much they consume fuel.

Seats in the Audi A1 offers great grip, guidance and support and security personnel of all sizes very comfortable. A driver’s seat height of a standard set. Ambition finish line, including sports seats with lumbar support and passenger seat also comes standard with a height adjusted. The easy entry function for convenient access to the back of the package also comes with ambition.

Large storage capacity available on all seats – two cupholders tunnel in the center console, door pockets and back adjustment and power supply. In the basic model, there is a folding compartment in the instrument panel, not on the monitor board. Audi also offers an optional storage package with additional options for storage.

Character premium Audi A1 is expressed in every detail of the interior – in the selection of materials, fit and finish and in a narrow, maybe empty. Instrument panel surface tacitly supported the foam, all buttons and controls on movement, right, and even pull the handle to open the Hood will release was carried out with care and precision.

Line of standard and optional ambition of aluminum with many attractions for the control elements, including the strip in, the brand for fast automatic climate control and light. In addition, the ring of the three-spoke sport steering wheel, parking brake handle and shifter wrapped in leather and decorated with fine aluminum calipers.

The Young and the new colors and materials

Interior materials vary between the two lines. Attraction features black or titanium gray cloth seat center console, armrest, map pocket, speaker grill is also a gray titanium. Sport seats in line with the ambition to have two color design titanium gray or green wasabi as a contrasting color black. The interior is also available in black. Media package style beige velvet offered as an alternative. Optional leather upholstery is available in the lines of force of ambition and media packages are available in a choice of three colors and three combinations.

All about color and the new chair, youth and lifestyle-oriented. Nossel carcass air available in various colors – matte or gloss black high standards depending on the cut line. Optional is also available in high gloss white, gray titanium, wasabi green, red or cream-colored velvet upholstery to match colors. Audi also offers a variety of colors to pull the door armrests and center console tunnel for all trim lines.

The trunk of the Audi A1 has a wall and lower edge of the burden of aircraft to facilitate loading and unloading. Has a basic volume of 267 liters (9.43 cubic feet). Standard double load floor.

The split rear seat can be folded quickly and easily to increase the luggage capacity of approximately 920 liters (32.49 cubic meters) when loaded into the ceiling. Two small bolts securing the cargo floor when folded. Audi also offers an optional package to boot with a practical storage box on the floor of the cargo, improve multi-point with folding hooks, stretching the network, a way out, the second traffic light and belt retainer.

Audi does not compromise quality in the trunk, either. Opening latch electronically, including through the remote control key fob. It swings and falls safely in the handle. Hook it has separately spring loaded cover that prevents from getting dirty – another detail typical Audi.

Information System

Audi A1 is a premium car for the modern man – offers a variety of state-of-the-information and entertainment and multimedia systems directly from the luxury class.

Infotainment system includes modular components based on the standard chorus radio, which has a CD-MP3 capable GALA and speed dependent volume control. Radio Chorus voted with four speakers.

The next steps include a new radio show, a versatile device that is equipped with a CD. Drawn separately on the board monitor – high resolution color screen, 6.5 inches – a standard with this radio. It also has a dual tuner, an SDHC memory card reader, an AUX-in and six speakers front and rear.

Radio show also opened the package optional connectivity options, including the preparation of a navigation system. This allows customers to add a map-based Audi radio navigation unit at a later time. Required hardware has been installed on the radio. Customers can purchase the activation of the system and an SDHC card with the navigation data through the original audio accessories at any time. Activation done by Audi dealer. Connectivity package also includes a Bluetooth interface, an SD card reader and the Audi music interface.

The top of the line MMI Navigation plus, big media centers at the end of a standard compact car class. Has four main components – the main unit with a 60-gigabyte hard disk, the radio unit, MMI control terminal and display colors. 6.5-inch screen offers images drawn elegance. Displays the cover art graphics and audio titles. Navigation map is also shown in 3D.

MMI Navigation plus can store 20 gigabytes of music files. Bluetooth interface and offers the Audi Music Interface (AMI) to connect the modern mobile media player is very easy and comfortable. This includes a DVD video and audio and intelligent voice control – the driver can talk about a complete navigation control at a time. Driver information systems are also integrated into the package.

Audi classical logic: the MMI control terminal

With a logical and intuitive MMI control terminal structured similar to the main unit of Audi models. A large button in the middle of the unit. You can move in four directions like a joystick, which makes many tasks more convenient. Various hard and soft keys, volume control, and the slot for storage media arranged around and above the control center.

Audi offers a variety of additional modules for the MMI navigation plus a radio and concert – a Bluetooth interface for mobile and easily transfer music and videos, CD changer, digital radio (DAB) tuner and two quality sound systems: Audi 180 watt sound system with ten speakers and Bose surround sound system. The latter includes ten channels of 465 watt amplifier and 14 speakers including subwoofer. The combination of more than MMI navigation and Bose surround sound system allows playback of 5.1 surround sound. Special optical highlight: The woofers in the doors indirectly illuminated with LED light guide.


Audi will initially offer the Audi A1, with four engines. Both TFSI gasoline engines and two TDI diesel engines includes the power range of 63 kW (86 hp) at 90 kW (122 hp). Each of them is a state-of-the-art.

All engines use direct injection of fuel and the turbocharger. The concept of this reduction, together with the technology, modular efficiency platform Audi gives them tremendous power with minimal power consumption ranges from 3,8-5,4 liters per 100 km (43,56-61,90 miles per U.S. gallon).

Entry 1.2 TFSI petrol engine is new. Which produces 63 kW (86 hp) and maximum torque 160 Nm (118.01 lb-ft) and between 1500 and 3500 rpm. Along with the five-speed manual transmission, four-cylinder Audi A1 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h (0-62,14 mph) in 12.1 seconds top speed of travel to 179 km / h (111.23 mph). In the driving cycle of the European Union, which consumes only 5.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (46.12 U.S. mpg), which corresponds to only 119 grams CO 2 / km (191.51 g / mile).

Reduction rather than scroll turbocharging Audi

The newly developed four-cylinder is an example of Audi’s philosophy of downsizing, turbocharging volume replacement. Two-valve engine displacing 1197 cc per cylinder and a tight course has been optimized for low weight and low friction. Its cast aluminum housing has an independent cooling the cylinder head. The water in the block is not distributed immediately after starting the engine, which allows the machine to reach temperature faster and shorten the phase of increased resistance due to friction of cold oil.

TFSI up 1.4 bet with 90 kW (122 hp). The maximum torque of 200 Nm (147.51 lb-ft) is continuously available between 1500 and 4000 rpm. An intercooled turbocharger pressurized water-cooled 1390 cc engine with four valves per cylinder.

Along with the seven-speed S tronic, reaching 1.4 TFSI Audi A1 highway speeds in 9.1 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h (124.27 mph). Standard six-speed manual transmission blows to time to 9.2 seconds to run, but does not affect the speed. The average consumption of 5.1 and 5.4 litres/100 km (43.56 and 46.12 U.S. mpg), respectively, in the EU test cycle.

New power is 1.6 TDI displacement of 1598 cc. Internal friction in a four-cylinder compact has consistently minimized. Audi offers two versions of this engine. A more powerful 1.6 TDI unit producing 77 kW (105 hp) and 250 Nm (184.39 lb-ft) between 1500 and 2500 rpm, and, together with five-speed manual transmission. Speed 16 valve engine Audi A1 Sprint strong through the 10.8 seconds before reaching a top speed of 187 km / h (116.20 mph), while the average consumption of just 3.9 liters / 100 km (60.31 mpg U.S.)

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