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Bentley Continental GTC SuperSportsThe Coolest Sport Car In 2010

Bentley Continental GTC SuperSports The Coolest Sport Car In 2010

The Continental SuperSports sits at the top of Bentley’s sport car lines, as the halo performance variant of the Phaeton-based Continental range. It’s a bit out of place in my mind, to be honest: carbon fibre this and that, parcel shelf instead of a back seat, E85 flex-fuel capability, a horse-ton of horsepower, Darth Vader-on-met styling, and a top speed that obvious 200mph by a relaxed scope are not things one associates with an “old money” conventional British luxury car brand. Still, it’s amazing in an “I don’t quite understand this” sort of way – there’s nothing clear reason for its existence, but aren’t you joyful it exists in the first place?
Well for the fans of the Continental SuperSports car, by the transitive assets you should be even more of a fan of Bentley’s latest derivative of the Continental: the GTC SuperSports. It’s accurately what you’d imagine: the fire-breathing SuperSports hardware trapped into the suave drop-top GTC body. Now, normally, I’d scoff at a convertible derivative of the highest-performance version of a sports car. It’s a pretty dull idea. Convertible represent more weight, less torsional inflexibility, more splash, and that undefinable “poseur” feature that arrives with deliberately choosing the “look at me!” edition of a car. But with the GTC SuperSports, I think it actually makes a bit of sense.
First of all, the SuperSports doesn’t make any sense in the first place. So a flashier drop-top version of the same is more like glorious excess rather than a shallow marketing ploy (even if it is a shallow marketing ploy.) And it’s not like the SuperSports was a light vehicle to begin with – even with all the weight that Bentley hacked out of the Continental, the biofuel-munching SuperSports coupe still tips the scales at 4938 pounds, which isn’t going to go around a corner very quickly no matter how you look at it. And while that’s better than the 5181lbs of a regular Continental GT, it’s still about two and a half tons.
And frankly, this car wasn’t meant to be a corner-carver. What Bentley claims it is, however, is the fastest four-seat convertible in the world. The top speed drops 2mph over the hardtop version, but that’s still 202mph. Obviously, it take a lot of grunt to move 2.5 tons of British beef up past the double century mark, and the GTC SuperSports doesn’t lack in the that department. It shares the same tweaked 6.0L twin-turbo W12 motor as the coupe, which makes 621bhp and 590lb-ft of torque, regardless of whether it’s sucking down dead dinos or bioethanol. The drop-top will rip to 60 in 3.9 seconds and 100 in 9.6, which should be fast enough to ruin your $300 haircut lickety-split.
In fact, create that your haircut and your three closest friends. Not like the SuperSports vehicle, the GTC stays its rear seats – why have worthless, glorious excess if you can only allocate it with one person? And even as the SuperSports is 198lbs lighter than the GTC Speed, it’s still got all the trappings you’d imagine in a Bentley – hand-turned aluminum trim with a smattering of Alcantara and soft-touch leather, which distinction with the carbon-fibre bucket chairs.
Some speak that conspicuous use is dead. Bentley begs to be at variance. And believing the SuperSports coupe won’t net you much transform from $300,000, the drop-top will likely be an “if you have to ask, you can’t pay for it” sort of plan. Which may not make sense for every person, but it certainly makes sense for Bentley.
Resource: Video:2011 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

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