Monday, February 22, 2010

Infiniti Challenge For BMW 1 Series And Audi A3

Infiniti Challenge For BMW 1 Series And Audi A3

BMW and Audi are assaulted by the in the compact car model by the Japanese. After Lexus, Infiniti publicizes turn has come to assemble a model in this class.
After Lexus has publicized they will bring to Geneva the new CT 200h, the model that will symbolize Japanese automaker in the compact segment, Infiniti declares that is not leaved out to release on the market, in the next future, a challenger for the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series models that launched themselves in the a segment that is becoming very disputed.
“We are aware of the downsizing trend and the smaller car category is a subject for us to study,” confirmed Toru Saito, president of the Nissan’s luxury division, which, at this moment stands out on the world markets by its top segment ranges FX (SUV), EX (crossover), G (coupe) and M (sedan).
According to the Japanese brand’s chief, the latest version could advantage from a fresh creation of Infiniti engines. “A four-cylinder engine is somewhat we are studying, but for the short- and mid-term our cars will continue with V6 and V8 engines. If we do decide to make a small car it will still be an Infiniti,” Saito said, which verified the rumor that a trademark that is willing to release its own model of the electric model Nissan Leaf: “It will be a compact four-seater and will certainly not be a niche car. We will be searching for rapid market access with this model.” The Japanese chief has not publicized yet whether the compact electric model will be the establishing point of the model that will make use of usual fuel.


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