Monday, February 22, 2010

Chrysler 200C Dealerships

chrysler 200cchrysler 200c

chrysler 200cchrysler 200c

chrysler 200cchrysler 200c
Luxury Chrysler 200C EV (2009)

The third electric concept revealed by Chrysler at the Detroit Auto Show is the 200C EV, " the perfect blend of provocative design and leading-edge technology."

The Chrysler 200C EV was inspired by Chrysler’s dynamic design legacy, and provides a glimpse at the possibilities for a next-generation Chrysler performance sedan. The front fascia is a modern interpretation of the winged Chrysler badge, and its distinct grille continues to shape and evolve Chrysler’s brand identity. The encompassed grille bars within the front fascia reinforce the sinuous elegance of the 200C EV concept vehicle with its assertive shape and precise execution.

The car is painted in an eco-friendly, water-based Liquid Graphite Pearl exterior color.

The 200C EV features ENVI’s Range-extended Electric Vehicle technology, that helps the car to drive up to 40 miles on battery-only power – using zero gasoline and producing zero tailpipe emissions.

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