Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exotic car wallpaper

How to define an exotic car?

exotic car wallpaper

  • Exotic cars are consider sexy and “exoticious”.
  • It is hilarious to drive! Shifting mechanisms, cool starter buttons and flat bottom steering wheels.
  • The car is extremely different shape and size than common cars.
  • It not really costs hundreds of thousands dollars. (For example: a humble price of Lotus Elise is considered as an exotic car)
  • Some of the door of these cars has the spring forward and it can be opened like a wing of an aeroplane.
  • Powerful engines, and usually the engine were installed in the rear of the car.
  • Pimped out cars are not considered as exotic but exotic car can be pimped.
  • It can’t be seen on road always! The possibility to see 2 exotic cars bumper to bumper in a traffic jam is nearly 0!
  • Usually the car owner treats it as a toy more than as a vehicle for daily use.
  • The production is usually limited or very small.
  • Sweet car girls are a necessity to stand beside an Exotic car in any car show!
  • Usually it has a very creative car advertisement.

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